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Staff and Board of Trustees

Meet our staff below, feel free to contact any of us using our email address or phone numbers if you have any questions.

Get to know our staff

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Caroline Nelson

Email: caroline.nelson@choiceinhackney.org
Phone: 020 7613 8130
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Lucia Bellini
Disability Rights Advocate and Domestic Violence Trainer

Email: lucia.bellini@choiceinhackney.org
Phone: 07393 231571
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Colin Finch
Information, Guidance and Advocacy Officer

Email: colin.finch@choiceinhackney.org
Phone: 07908 905698
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Haq Ismail
Advocacy Training & Employment Co-ordinator

Email: haq.ismail@choiceinhackney.org
Phone: 020 7613 8136
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Felicia Tay
Hate Crime Advocate

Email: felicia.tay@choiceinhackney.org
Phone: 020 7613 8139
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Ola Macauley
Disability Rights Advocate

Email: ola.macauley@choiceinhackney.org
Phone: 020 7613 8138
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Paul Salt
Community Volunteer Officer

Email: volunteering@choiceinhackney.org
Phone: 020 7613 8134
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Paula Smith
Disability Rights Advocate

Email: paula.smith@choiceinhackney.org
Phone: 020 7613 8133

Board of Trustees

We are proud that the majority of the members of the Board of Trustees are disabled people who themselves are users of our services.

Malcolm Aickin

Mary Julian

Andrew Price

Debra Schiman

Thomas Brayford

Bharat Siyani

Matthew Bazter

Patricia Charlesworth

Become a Trustee today

We welcome new Trustees and are particularly keen to recruit disabled people to join our Board. You would get an opportunity to observe a meeting and would receive a full induction pack.
We aim to incorporate a balance of skills and experience and will consider your application with this in mind. CHOICE’S Board of Trustees is responsible for the strategic direction of the organisation.