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Get a Volunteer

What does this service offer:

This service pairs disabled users up with volunteers. Volunteers support disabled people to take walks, reduce isolation, and manage their gardens.

What we offer:

If you struggle to get out of the home or maintain your garden, or if you feel lonely and cut off from your community then we have volunteers who can help. Volunteers give their time to help disabled members of their community. We can help with walking assistance, telephone befriending, support to access community groups or activities, or basic gardening services.

How it helps: Our volunteer project reduces social isolation, encourages clients to get our of their homes and into their communities, and greatly improves mental and physical wellbeing. Requirements: Must live in the city or Hackney and be a disabled person.

Which volunteer service would you like?

Below shows the three different volunteering services we offer. You can fill in the form for yourself or anyone you want to recommend for this service. Please submit individual forms for each volunteer request.


Gardening Volunteer

You will be able to get assistance from a volunteer to help you maintain your garden. They will assist you with simple tasks (such as moving a lawn or weeding).


Befriender Volunteer

You will be paired with someone who you can spend time with, either over the phone or in the local community! If you want a walking friend you will be matched with someone nearby.


Shopper Volunteer

You will be matched with someone that will help you collect shopping or even medicine. They will go and collect items from a nearby store and deliver to your door.