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Advocacy is the support and encouragement given by a professional advocate to a disabled user, to enable him/her to obtain services needed to live an independent and dignified lifestyle in the community.

Choice in Hackney is able to assist anyone who lives in Hackney and are known to adult social care teams (for example, those receiving care services or continuing health care, those undergoing a care assessment, those in receipt of a transport service such as blue badge, etc.). If you are ineligible for our service we shall do our best to signpost you to another service that may be able to help.  

The Advocate will: 

    • Meet with the service-user to establish his/her need(s) and draw up a plan of action (which is an agreement between both parties).
    • Provide the user with adequate information to enable him/her to make informed choices.
    • Co-ordinate the various services from different agencies and ensure that they are in place for the disabled user. Thus, the advocate provides a single entry point to the whole system of statutory, voluntary and private services 
    • Monitor services to ensure that the user is satisfied.
    • The advocates, through CHOICE, will gather feedback to improve services.

The main areas of advocacy work are as follows: 

home-icon Accessible Housing

airplane-mode-icon Accessible Transport

sun-icon Respite and Holidays

tick-icon Grant Applications

plus-icon Access to Health Services

calculator-icon Education and Training

rss-icon Equipment and Adaptation

flag-icon Employment

fone-icon Care Packages

setting-icon Housing Repairs

contact-icon Occupational Therapist 

calendar-icon Hospital Discharge

cross-icon Complaints

question-icon Disability Equality Issues

If you would like to receive the advocacy service or would like to refer someone then please contact us or complete the referral form below and email it to

Advocacy Referral Form: