Choice in Hackney


The aims of the project are:

  • To provide advocacy training that would enable trainees to find meaningful employment in advocacy or other related fields.
  • To provide work placements and job search skills which aid employment prospects.
  • To improve the confidence and self-image of disabled people.


Traditionally disabled people tend to be in low grade and low paid jobs. This project is an attempt to challenge this and improve the quality of disabled peoples lives.

The project is in four phases:

Phase One

Is to recruit disabled people from the greater London area.


Phase Two

Put the trainees through a 12 session accredited course, to learn about disability history, the models of disability, disability legislation, local authority services, advocacy skills and principals and much more with the aid of role-plays, group exercises and guest speakers.

Phase three:

The trainees will be put on a 6-8 week work placement. We've provided placements internally here at Hackney, other advocacy organisations and a myriad of disability organisations covering everything from legal to creative industries.

Phase Four:

Once the trainees have successfully completed their placement, they will be given ongoing support to find employment.


Two thirds of our trainees for the last year are now employed, in further education or on placement. We've had trainees go on to full employment, get degrees or even become self employed.We are now recruiting for our eighteenth training course which will be starting in September.If you wish to attend, please contact us or download the Application Form below and return it to


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